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The Birth Of Ethereality

Ethereal Regalia is a brand conceptualized and brought to life by Bulgarian artist Jorj Simeonov in 2017.
Focusing heavily on sustainability, custom clothes and painted one-of-one pieces, Ethereal Regalia aims to be the raw image of life, culture and ego of everyday people reflected directly on garments.
The brand is currently based in Sofia.

Ethereal Regalia Comfort

To match the quality of our designs we use sustainable luxury streetwear blanks made in Europe​. A lot of our products are entirely manufactured in Sofia.
Our pieces are not only meant to be kept in the closet as trophies, but worn casually and fearlessly.

Ethereal Regalia Life

A lot of our pieces are heavily inspired by once-in-a-lifetime individuals and their astonishing art - especially musicians.
Other pieces are created to reflect the inner workings of our contemporary world.
A huge portion of the work is also aimed to be the purest embodiment of the artist's view on life - feelings, philosophies and fears poured on a blank piece of clothing.

Regalia Thank You
Thank you for being part of our journey!

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