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Ethereality NFT

2 for 1 - Digital + Physical

Ethereality is a realm that exists between the digital and physical - each NFT piece is connected to a canvas or clothing piece, which is claimable without burning the token.
Basically, if you become the owner of one of our tokens and the piece is not yet claimed you can be the first to do so and get the original art piece shipped to you for free!

Collection 1 - 26 Skullflowers

Each art piece and NFT is 1/1 and hand-painted - you can see the emotion put into each brushtroke and the texture of each painting - on JPEG and on canvas. 

Each art piece can only be claimed one time, but you do not have to claim it if you are the owner of the Token - you can hold or sell the token and have it be claimed later by you or someone else.

Every piece is a part of the Ethereality realm and comes with its own stats and history. The collections are available on OpenSea (other platforms soon too).

To claim a physical piece contact us:
Instagram: @etherealregalia

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