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2022 - A Year For Reflection


The ASH Collection is a celebration of all emotions one might face in their lifetime and how close they are to an actual time machine.
Emotions might transport us to a certain state of mind, but retrospectively looking back we might see an entirely different picture painted by the strokes of time on our mental canvas. It is hard to talk about the positive effects of an emotion to someone living the absolute hell that this same emotion might leave behind as a trail.
To overcome is to grow, but growing is not a given. Who is to say that we will all reach the same conclusions?
Will we all outgrow the pain?
Will we all look back at the happiness that passed with a glimmer in our eyes?
Will some of us miss it and think that life is over?


Another day, another chance. Each one provides the light that's capable of moving anything forward, given that it is not met with resistance, but open arms. The light that illuminates the room. Some refer to it as "Hope".

"Another Day" is a collection of pieces created with almost no pre-conceived notion behind any of the brush strokes used to build them. This is the most primal Regalia release to date and the first full collection by us.

Going into each piece blind and expecting the hand to lead is similar to waking up with no plans and expectations of the day, but trying to figure out how to make the best out of it. Each step - building on the previously walked stairway to bliss. As each layer of paint was hitting the canvas though the concepts behind each piece started to slowly become apparent and flourished beyond any expectation. There was no expectation.

Another day, another chance. Make the best out of it.


Seems like all the wheel does is spin.
Inertia - unforgiving past and future.
As for the present - it all depends on how the observer sees the world.
Questions are fun but answers are unlikely to ever be absolute.
Anyway, let's play.
Here's a coin.
Enjoy the game of life.

Show Notes



Another day, another wasted opportunity. The black hole grows and
stopping it is an illusion. It will not go away.
Success, money, freedom, love, nothing fills the void.
You have to jump in and expand with it.
Keep your senses in check though. One wrong breath is enough to kill you.

Sometimes I wonder when the anxiety will stop and when I can finally
throw up this distasteful bomb in my stomach.
Soon, soon enough.